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October 20, 2020
Only Citizens can vote in the November 3, 2020 US elections

As the US Election date comes closer, many organizations are trying to get out the vote, encouraging
persons to REGISTER to VOTE and then to GO OUT AND VOTE either before or on the election day. If you
are not an American citizen DO NOT do either of these things. As an immigrant in the US, you are NOT
entitled to vote unless you have become a naturalized American. If you do so you will be opening
yourself to a lot of immigration issues and may even be denied citizenship in the future. See
www.uscis.gov for information on citizenship.

You got mail?
You may have got a letter in the mail saying you should register to vote and then telling you where to go and vote. These letters often come after you have done certain types of business such as with the department of motor vehicle or accessed certain types of services. The senders of these letters are most likely unaware of the fact that you are not an American citizen and are really trying to just increase the numbers of Americans voting. You are not an American (not yet anyways) and so cannot vote. See www.usa.gov/how-to-vote for information on the voting requirements.

They suggested it?
Sometimes you may be a venue, like an outdoor event where people set up tables and are helping others to register to vote. Please do not visit these tables and sign up. These persons do not often ask if you are a citizen. They just assume. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not cause problems for yourself later on when you do qualify to become a citizen.

Mom, Dad, I am a US citizen right?
Some people came to America at a very young age and may assume that they are American citizens. Parents of such children need to let them know very clearly that they are not American citizens. The
chances of such a person voting is high and so their parents must let them know as soon as it is will be understood.

Here are some tips to make sure you do not vote before you become a US Citizen
1. Immediately destroy any mail telling you to register to vote
2. Destroy any mail that says you are eligible to vote
3. Immediately destroy any mail telling you should go out and vote
4. If you get electronic communication about being entitled to vote, urging you to register to vote
and saying you should go out and vote, delete it immediately
5. Some sites that appear on your devices will lead to registration and voting application forms. Do
not open them. Put them in your trash or spam folders
6. You are responsible to make sure that you do not accidentally vote before you are an American
citizen. So, you have to be very careful.
7. Ask your parents or guardians if you were born in the USA.
8. If the answer is no, ask if you have any document to show that you are a citizen. Ask to see any
document that they say they have. If there is nothing to show that you are a citizen do not vote.

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