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Nadine Atkinson Flowers

I look like YOU. I talk like YOU. I am YOU. As a Jamaican immigrant in the USA I understand, I am your Caribbean connection. My accent, language, history, culture are all yours. So I know how to represent you. I know first hand the anxiety you feel as you go through the immigration process. Are you filing for your husband, wife, fiance, kids, parents or brothers and sisters? Is the process getting you down or confusing you?  I will fight for you. If you  need a visitor’s visa, student visa or a work permit, I will help you. With almost 15 years experience as a lawyer I can help you prove your case. When you are filing and need documents from “home” I know the local legal system. I was a prosecutor and a defense Attorney, so I have the experience needed to present your case and also the understanding of what documents you need.

I regularly give talks on the law about lawyers and the law,  about dos and don’ts for immigration filings on the radio,  about knowing your rights under different Jamaican laws on Facebook and on immigration youtube, as well as dos and don’ts for business owners on zoom. I volunteer with several legal, business, children and community service organizations in Jamaica and in the USA. I also write a lot of “How to Dos” to show you how to get the legal system to help you.

Legal Practices Areas

US Immigration law and available to offer experienced analysis of the impact of Jamaican law (country conditions, criminal law, family law etc) on US Immigration cases. Jamaican law - Making sure that your legal rights in Jamaica are fully protected whether you are home or abroad.

Green Card Assistance

Tired of not having your family with you In the USA? Citizens and green card holders can petition or “file for” relatives.
  • Asked for more documents?
  • More evidence?
  • Don’t know where to turn?


Becoming an American citizen has many benefits.

Don’t wait!!

When you qualify, get naturalized

Adjustment of Status

Get your green card while in the US. Don’t run the risks of missing the deadlines to file.
  • Are you married?
  • On an employment visa?
  • Refugee?
  • Have asylum? 


Before coming to the US, were you persecuted in your country because of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a certain social group or because of your political opinion? You might be able to get asylum but you have to act quickly. 

Visitor’s Visa

Visiting the US to see family and friends, for a special function or a family reunion?

You need a visitor’s visa.

Don’t make the common mistakes and get denied. 

Work Permits and Student Visas

  • Thinking about working or studying in the USA?
  • There are many documents that are needed.
  • Don’t let poor preparation mess up your dreams

Jamaican Law

  • Criminal law problems and US immigration
  • Adoption and US immigration
  • Divorce
  • Contracts

General Jamaican Legal Assistance

  • Passport services
  • Police Records
  • Power of Attorney
  • Government Offices
  • Serving documents

Speaker Series

  • Available to speak on legal topics for your organization
  • Available to offer legal opinions on Jamaican law

Request A Consultation

Law is complicated matter. It can cause you a big problem
if you ignore it. Let us help you!

    Legal Tips

    Tip #1

    Always keep your original documents safe.


    Do not share confidential information unless you are sure of the identity of the requestor


    Always keep a copy of documents filed for US  immigration cases and any Jamaican case documents.


    Ask your lawyer to explain anything you do not understand, slowly and carefully.


    Do not sign a document unless you fully understand it and ask for a copy after you have signed it.

    In US Immigration News

    May 20, 2021:

    The United States government is easing the citizenship requirements for children born abroad to US citizens as long as certain requirements are met. If you think you may be a USC citizen from birth check out the resources on this site to find out.

    Jamaican Legal News

    May 20, 2021:

    The Gleaner reports that a man in custody for nine years was freed in the Criminal courts when the identification evidence against him was shown to be untrustworthy. The takeaway for this man if he should apply for a US non-immigrant visa or there is an immigrant visa petition for him: he will have to disclose this arrest and provide court documents about the outcome.

    Contact Info

    • info@atkinsonflowerslaw.com
    • Virtual Hours

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long after paying the fees for a filing petition does the sponsor have to submit the affidavit of support

    That depends on when the sponsor gets a notice from immigration to say that they are ready for those fees. A lot has to happen before this step is even reached.


    Can I petition/file for my niece or nephew?

    Generally that is not possible. Citizens and legal permanent residents cannot petition for a niece or nephew. If they are under the age of 18 you can adopt them legally and then petition for them. 

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