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Nadine Atkinson Flowers 

I look like YOU.
I talk like YOU.
I am YOU.
As a Jamaican immigrant in the USA I understand.
I am your Caribbean connection.

My accent, language, history, culture are all yours. So I know how to represent you. I know first-hand the anxiety you feel as you go through the immigration process. Don’t despair. Are you filing for your husband, wife, fiancé, kids, parents or brothers and sisters? Is the process getting you down or confusing you?  I will fight for you. Need a visitor’s visa, student visa or a work permit? I will help you. Wondering if you should become an American citizen? Let’s work on it.

My 15 plus years as a lawyer means I can help you prove your case.

Are you filing and need documents from “home”? I know the local legal system as a former prosecutor and a defence Attorney. I have the experience needed to present your case and also the understanding of what documents you need.

I can help you with understanding the intersection of US Immigration and Jamaican Law. If you are filing an immigration application for a client with any type of issue from Jamaica (such as old court cases, current court cases, police records, court records, name changes, common law marriage, deed polls, country conditions and cultural history) call for the in-depth analysis and practical advice you need to offer effective counsel to your clients. 

My Latest Book, “On Your Feet, Criminal Law Practice in the Parish Courts in Jamaica”

“is critical for legal professionals and anyone seeking up to date information on the Jamaican court system which affect locals and international interests.

Having written three other books (history) articles on legal subjects for US legal publications, Jamaican legal publications, newspaper articles and legal blogs I focus on giving you information to make good decisions.

As an experienced prosecutor and defence Attorney in Jamaica who regularly presents at Continuing Legal Education seminars virtually and in person, I can provide your audiences with a practical perspective on most legal topics affecting Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora.

Practicing US Immigration law has allowed me to be in the heart of what is happening as it affects Jamaican and other immigrants to the USA. I can offer practical tips and insights on US Immigration and the effects of Jamaican law on clients’ immigration benefits.

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April 20, 2022, 6pm

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US Practice Areas
Don’t let desperation or frustration keep you from your American Dream. Immigration can be difficult. Every visa application looks complicated. Good help helps
Green Card Assistance
Tired of not having your family with you In the USA? Citizens and green card holders can petition or “file for” relatives.
Asked for more documents?
More evidence?
Don’t know where to turn?
Becoming an American citizen has many benefits.

Don’t wait!!

When you qualify, get naturalized
Adjustment of Status
Get your green card while in the US. Don’t run the risks of missing the deadlines to file.
Are you married?
On an employment visa?
Have asylum?
Before coming to the US, were you persecuted in your country because of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a certain social group or because of your political opinion? You might be able to get asylum but you have to act quickly.
Visitor’s Visa
Visiting the US to see family and friends, for a special function or a family reunion?
You need a visitor’s visa.
Don’t make the common mistakes and get denied.
Work Permits and Student Visas
Thinking about working or studying in the USA?
There are many documents that are needed.
Don’t let poor preparation mess up your dreams
Check Out My Answers To These Popular Immigration Questions

Friend’s moms tourist visa expires in Aug.
She was planning to return to India in July but with the current situation in India, my friend is exploring options.
The covid is at peak and flights might not be operational.
Is it possible to renew the tourist visa here in the USA?
What are the consequences on renewal if someone overstays for few weeks/months after expiry. He and his mom have no intention to do so but the situation is unprecedented.


They can complete the form for an extension from in the USA. After submitting they should follow up. It is never advisable to overstay.


If I do multiple IT jobs on green card will it effect me anything? Like having multiple W2’s can cause any issue in the process of naturalisation? Or will it effect on the process of removal of conditions(I-751)


As I understand it you are a green card holder, based on a marriage? There is no problem with you having multiple jobs. You only need to ensure that you report all the incomes at tax time. Keep careful track of all documents related.


I am an Indian citizen living in Srilanka with my American girlfriend on a Srilankan toursit visa. We are planning to get married and looking for easier/faster options for me to enter United states and either register our marriage legally done in Srilanka, or apply for I-129 fiance visa, and get married directly in USA.


There is no guarantee you can arrive in the USA “around October” regardless of which route you choose. The US Immigration authorities have their own timetable that guide them. Try to make your application as thorough as possible to reduce the chance of delay.

Jamaican Practice Areas
Making sure that your legal rights in Jamaica are fully protected, whether you are home or abroad

General Legal Services

Navigating the red-tape at Jamaican Government offices can be a nightmare when you do not have a clue what to do, one wrong step can cause lengthly delays.

Writing  Wills, Contracts, and Power of Attorney

 Passport Services and Assistance Obtaining Police Records.

 Filing for Divorce,  Serving Documents, Obtaining  Court Documents

 Assistance obtaining Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates

US Immigration Consultation

There are many issues in Jamaica that can affect your US visas for living, working, studying or visiting in America. 

  • Did you forgot about something?
  • Thought it wasn’t important?
  • How come the filing is taking so long?
  • Asked for more information?
  • Told something needed?
  • Denied?
  • Confused about the process?
Let's Talk About How I Can Help
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