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Visitor’s Visa

As a visitor to the US you must prove that you intend to return home after your visit. So you have to convince the consular officer at the US consulate or embassy in your home country that you only intend a short visit to the US. After you complete the visitor’s visa application, you pay your fees and submit the application. You get a date for your interview. Remember as you complete the forms to be very careful as you look at the questions. If you don’t understand something, it’s better to get clarification than to make a costly mistake.

You have to prove your ties to your home country and that those ties will make you return from your US visit. The visitor’s visa can be for a single or multiple entries to the country. When you arrive at the US border (usually by plane) you will be interviewed briefly by a US immigration officer. You again have to convince this officer that you plan to stay just for a short visit. The officer stamps your passport with how long you are given permission to stay in the country.

Once you are given entry into the country, you must remember to check that you get back any documents the immigration officer asks you for. Make sure that you look to see how long you are authorised to stay. The usual time is six months but the stamp in the passport will actually tell you

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