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Protect Yourself from Immigration Scams

Read these tips to protect yourself from immigration scams. Every year many persons migrate to the USA. Every year, many persons are scammed by criminals who promise to help but only take your money and sometimes leave you with criminal law problems. Look out for these flags!

  1. Don’t pay for immigration forms. The site offers free immigration forms. These forms are the official forms and they are free to be downloaded.
  2. You are told to send money before you know why or for what. Reputable lawyers and other authorized immigration providers will give you clear information about what they are doing.
  3. They don’t want to put anything about fees or their services in writing. Ask for something in writing and push for it.

4. You are told you don’t need to sign documents. Many immigration forms need your signature. Insist on knowing what is being submitted.

5. The immigration provider refuses to provide copies. Ask for copies of what is being sent to the immigration authorities. It is crucial to have the copies for your own records.

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